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The Power of Your Metabolism - Decreasing Factors


Chapter: The Metabolism


People that fail in diets question what it is that they are doing wrong.  Some people have such a “slow metabolism”, that no amount of sacrifice gives them results.

Of course, the people that have a “slow metabolism” generally believe that the only thing that they should have to do to lose weight is to modify their diet.  This has been the biggest mistake, thinking that the only thing that you have to do to lose weight is to modify what you eat.

Nutrition is an important factor but it is also true that there are other factors that decrease the metabolism.  This is why people that have a “slow metabolism” can’t lose weight, even though they greatly reduce or vary their consumption of food.  It is obvious that nutrition can’t be the only factor that affects the metabolism when there are those famous thin people that can eat whatever they want (candies, chocolates, desserts, breads, greasy foods) and yet they never put on weight.  If it were true that all obesity is a result of what you eat, then all of those thin people who can eat whatever they want would also be the fattest people in the world!  The existence of these “skinny overeaters” contrasts with the sad reality of those other people that seem to “gain weight just from looking at food” because they have a “slow metabolism”.

There are various factors that decrease the metabolism that if combined, can contribute to a person beginning to have a “slow metabolism”.  It is of benefit to know about those factors that reduce our metabolism because knowing about them can help us avoid or conquer the so called “slow metabolism”.  Having an agile or optimum metabolism is also a guarantee that you will be in good health. 

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