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The Power of Your Metabolism - Mind Controls


Chapter: Time to Recover


Successes or failures always come from some action and all actions are born from a decision.  In any project we take on, the most important thing is to have the DECISION. 

Many people who have experienced a slow metabolism have tried numerous times to lose weight only to find they fail very shortly after starting.  What keeps a person enthusiastic about achieving their goal are RESULTS.  If a person tries to lose weight and doesn’t succeed, they will add yet another failed experience.  Many consecutive failure experiences lead a person to a state of emotional apathy (the thought that “no effort is worth it”).  From an emotional state of apathy we then give rise to the justifications phrases of those people that are tired of failing.  Phrases like “I am happy being fat” or “This is the way I am and this is the way I’ll always be”.

The first factor to consider is the factor of the problem itself, the “slow metabolism”.  Logic says that someone who doesn’t know mathematics will never be able to solve an algebraic equation.  In the same sense, someone who knows nothing or very little about the causes and possible solutions to a slow metabolism will fail in any attempt they make.  You can’t solve a problem that you don’t understand!  So, the first logical step in resolving any problem is by understanding it.  If you don’t understand the factors that create a “slow metabolism” you also won’t be able to solve it because you would be “working blindly” against the problem.  The logical solution is to increase your KNOWLEDGE of the problem to be able to solve it.


So, if you are one of those people who have tried “thousands of diets”, miracle pills, gym memberships, starving yourself, counting calories, acupuncture, mesotherapy or some other method, you have to realize that you never had the KNOWLEDGE on how to do it and that is why you failed.  It’s not that you have “lack of willpower” or that you lack discipline.  Anyone that makes a huge effort and sacrifices to lose weight and doesn’t see results will give up after trying for so long.  If you didn’t give up you wouldn’t be human.  All efforts deserve a reward.  If you make the effort and never receive the reward you obviously can’t go on.

The difference between success and failure is always the KNOWLEDGE about the obstacles and the possible solutions.  We have been discussing the different factors that cause a slow metabolism and now you know them.  At this point you should have found which ones apply directly to you and you should have some sort of plan to manage them.  And now you also have the KNOWLEDGE and therefore you can succeed.

It is the mind that controls the body. The body seldom controls the mind.  Being able to use your mind to make correct decisions is your most valuable ability.

There is a mental exercise that will help you make the right decisions and focus on your new goal of increasing your metabolism, losing weight, and later maintaining a weight that suits you for the rest of your life.

The exercise can be done on a piece of paper.  Start out by writing a list of ALL the attempts you remember having made to lose weight or get in shape throughout your whole life.  This list, in some cases, can be very long and would look something like this:


Atkins® Diet                                      Acupuncture
Calorie Diet                                         Naturalist doctor
Vegetarian Diet                                   Orlistat® (Alli™)
Nutritionist                                          Treadmill
Hydroxycut®                                      Hypnosis treatment
Soup Diet                                            Gym membership
Herbalife®                                          Grapefruit Diet
Jenny Craig®                                      Live food Diet
L.A. Weight Loss®                            Homeopathic drops
Bariatric doctor                                   Adipex®
Weight Watchers®                             Walking in the park
Overeaters Anonymous®                   Slim Fast® shakes

Making a list while trying to remember EVERYTHING that you have ever tried to lose weight or get in shape will help you analyze the different efforts you have made.  Some of the things that you have done will surely seem like truly unfounded hopes on your part.

Now comes the most important and powerful part of the mental exercise.  Locate in your mind what your MAIN PURPOSE was behind all of your efforts and write it on the paper.  In other words, a phrase of yours that expresses what you wanted to achieve.  That PURPOSE that moved you to spend God knows how much money and effort on all of those failed attempts.
The MAIN PURPOSE is very personal and only yours.  We are all different and we all have different MAIN PURPOSES.  For example, the MAIN PURPOSE for one person could be “to lose weight to look better”, while another “to feel healthy” or someone else “to be able to wear the clothes I have hanging in my closet” and for others things like “to look as beautiful as when I first got married”.  Whatever your MAIN PURPOSE was, the important thing is that you find it and write it on a piece of paper.  The only purpose that is important is your purpose; your MAIN PURPOSE.

Once you have found what your true MAIN PURPOSE was, have it written down, and are sure that it is really what motivated you, now comes the IMPORTANT question that you must ask yourself:

Do I still want to achieve my main purpose?

If your answer to this question is YES, we have restored your MAIN PURPOSE and you can now achieve it this time.  Your mind controls everything.  In finding your main purpose and deciding that it is still something that you really want to attain, an important phenomenon has happened:  your main purpose has been restored in your mind.

If the answer to the question is NO, you will have to dedicate a bit of time to finding out what your own personal MAIN PURPOSE is with regards to this topic of the metabolism and losing weight. For example, a purpose like “lose weight to please my husband” is not your own purpose; it’s your husband’s purpose.  If you try to lose weight based on someone else’s purpose you will for sure fail.  If you don’t find your own MAIN PURPOSE that is really your own purpose, don’t even try! Without a very clear and strong purpose in your mind you will surely fail again.


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