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The Power of Your Metabolism - Discoveries


Chapter: Natural Aids


Various natural substances have been discovered that help improve or recover the metabolism. They are substances that are extracted from foods, herbs or plants that have a positive effect on your energy and help fight a “slow metabolism”.

The scientific discoveries that have been made on some of these natural substances are relatively new. This is the case with the natural substances called “adaptogens ”, which were originally discovered and researched in Russia.

The others are natural substances that have been known about for hundreds of years like magnesium, zinc or selenium, but there have been recent discoveries as to their importance in improving the metabolism.

The medications that have been developed to help you slim down are really just chemicals that are looking to block fat or speed up the metabolism, but they do it in a way that isn’t very natural for your body. That’s why those medications always bring some sort of unpleasant side effects along with them.  They are chemicals that don’t belong in your body. Recently, the manufacturer of the doctor prescribed, weight loss medication, Xenical®, that has been on the market for quite a number of years, got approval from de Food and Drug Administration to sell an over-the-counter (without prescription) version of their Xenical medicine called “Alli”®. It was a brilliant marketing scheme that will help them make billions of dollars at the expense of those naive consumers that don’t know about their metabolism. The truth is there are no “miracle pills” out there anywhere. This new over-the-counter medication, Alli®, works by blocking all the fats from entering the body and thus the person using it will have a lot of fat coming out of their rear end. But, the problem here is that this substance will block ALL fats indiscriminately and that means that it will also block all the “good fats” that are part of our daily vitamin needs like vitamins A, E and D. That means that you will actually be depriving your body of some essential vitamins while trying to lose weight. Well, that will not work for you.    

On the other hand, supplements that are formulated based on natural substances, work in favor of your body and are accepted by your cells, without causing side effects and yet are very effective.  That’s why I always recommend the use of natural supplements instead of medications.

Adaptogen - a natural substance that allows the body to counter adverse physical, chemical or biological stressors by raising resistance toward such stress, thus allowing the organism to “adapt” to the stressful circumstances. Adaptogens are natural herb product that increases the body's resistance to stresses such as trauma, anxiety and bodily fatigue.

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