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The Power of Your Metabolism - CoQ10 Supplement

Chapter: Natural Aids


CoQ10 is a natural supplement whose use has been shown to have widespread health benefits.  CoQ10 is a     “co-enzyme”.  A “co-enzyme” is a compound without which an enzyme wouldn’t be able to do its job. It’s an “enzyme helper”.

There are more than 500 different enzymes in the human body. Enzymes provide the chemical changes that the body needs in its numerous life processes. The “co-enzyme” CoQ10 is a vital substance that the body requires for the creation of energy at a cellular level.

CoQ10 was discovered in 1957, by a scientist named Frederick Crane, who worked for the pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharp & Dohme. Then, in 1978, a chemist by the name of Peter Mitchell received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his description of how CoQ10 participated in the creation of energy at a cellular level.

During the 1990’s, the consumption of CoQ10 sky rocketed worldwide.  Nowadays it is a very well-known natural supplement.
CoQ10 is directly related to the creation of energy in the mitochondria of cellsMitochondria are the internal areas of the cells where cellular energy is produced in the form of substances, like ATP which transports this energy to the rest of the cells.  CoQ10 is an essential component for the transportation of electrons (electrical energy) and oxygen through the membranes of the mitochondria.  The mitochondria are like little ovens where a chemical combustion is generated that creates the body’s energy.  With enough CoQ10, the mitochondrion creates a lot of energy and that greatly improves the body’s metabolism.

Since all cells benefit from having a sufficient energy supply, CoQ10 has been proven beneficial for all of the following conditions:

            Angina (pressure or pain in the chest)
            Arrhythmia (irregular activity of the heart)    Arteriosclerosis
            Prostate cancer
            Breast cancer
            Poor blood circulation
            Post-operative heart care
            Diabetes and neuropathic diabetes
            Water retention (edema)
Gum sickness
Fatty liver
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
Obesity and weight problems
Heart palpitations

The CoQ10 supplement provides a new level of increasing energy production in the body.  This makes it so that all of the body cells work better and produce more energy.  The metabolism is reinforced when you use CoQ10.

Enzyme - enzymes are proteins that participate in changes and transformations of other substances. For example, the body uses the enzyme called “lipase” to break up and digest the fat we eat.

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