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A few years ago, we introduced organic coconut oil to our Natural Slim™ system members. It was, without a doubt, one of the most important discoveries in the last 10 years of our history as a weight loss system.

The results were spectacular. People with hypothyroidism, that were losing weight at a slower weekly rate due to their condition, started losing weight at almost double the speed, as soon as they started using organic coconut oil on a daily basis. All of the members that started using organic coconut oil increased their rate of fat loss at their weekly weigh-ins.

From then on, organic coconut oil turned into one of the standard supplements of the Natural Slim™ system.

Naturally, if organic coconut oil isn’t accompanied with the right diet, it won’t give you these results. There are no “miracles”.

The Relax Slim System™ was designed to help people at a distance. It was designed for people that could not have all of the advantages of a personalized program like Natural Slim™. We were seeing if there was a way to improve even further on the organic coconut oil qualities that had already proven to be of benefit.

We saw hundreds of possibilities, but finally we discovered that the supplement CoQ10, which has many clinical studies that prove its ability to boost cellular energy and improve the metabolism, could be what we needed to create a “super organic coconut oil”.  That’s why we did tests, consulted with chemists of natural products, read the studies, and finally created COCO-10 PLUS™.  

COCO-10 PLUS™ is a “super coconut oil”, because it is a blend of high quality organic coconut oil with the energizing supplement CoQ10 that increases and improves respiratory processes and the oxygenation of your cells. CoQ10 increases the production of the cellular energy molecule ATP (“adenosine triphosphate”). This increases your metabolism.

The Japanese control the production of the CoQ10 supplement worldwide. The Japanese are the ones who discovered the natural fermentation processes that allow this compound to be produced in such huge quantities.  It is an expensive supplement!

The CoQ10 supplement is expensive because its worldwide production hardly covers the international demand and that makes it more expensive. In Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and other countries, CoQ10 is used as medical treatment for heart problems.

It turns out that CoQ10 has never been combined with organic coconut oil before. This is why it was a great success since there were dozens of tests done with different brands of CoQ10 to be able to obtain a CoQ10 that would dissolve perfectly inside the organic coconut oil. The purity of the CoQ10 had to be 99% or more to be able to perfectly dissolve in the organic coconut oil. Finally, we did it.

Organic coconut oil has a quality that luckily goes perfectly with CoQ10.  Organic coconut oil increases the absorption of the other oils that are combined with it to double the absorption from what is normal. In other words, the organic coconut oil is made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCT’S) that are sent directly to the cells, without passing through the liver.  This makes it so that nothing is wasted or lost between the intake of the coconut oil and what gets to the cells.  That’s why organic coconut oil goes directly to the cells and its energizing effect isn’t delayed.

The pharmaceutical industry is the biggest consumer of organic coconut oil worldwide.  They discovered that organic coconut oil is a “carrier oil” that transports everything that is mixed with it inside the cells. That’s why pharmaceutical companies purchase thousands of barrels of organic coconut oil; they use it to mix with their medications, that are soluble in oil, to improve absorption and the cellular penetration of their medicines.

This “carrier oil” quality that organic coconut oil has, increases the potency of the dose that we use of CoQ10 in the COCO-10 PLUS™ because as the absorption potential increases to double, the dose of CoQ10 also amounts to double. The CoQ10 combined with the organic coconut oil is really a potent stimulator for the metabolism.

One of the most noticeable effects after using the COCO-10 PLUS™ supplement is the mental clarity that it produces.  COCO-10 PLUS™ creates this benefit because in increasing the energy that your cells produce, it also improves the energy production of the brain cells.

You should know that the organic coconut oil that COCO-10 PLUS™ contains changes from liquid to solid form depending on the room temperature.  The COCO-10 PLUS™ supplement doesn’t need refrigeration because organic coconut oil is very stable and doesn’t go bad in a warm environment. If you live in a place where the temperature is colder than 76° Fahrenheit, your COCO-10 PLUS™ will be solid, since the cold solidifies the coconut oil.  This doesn’t mean that the product is damaged. You just have to warm it up a bit and it will turn into liquid again so you can mix it in your shake or take it directly in spoonfuls. If it solidifies because of cold weather put the closed jar under running hot water for a short time and it will become liquid again.

COCO-10 PLUS™ is an important aid especially for people who suffer from hypothyroidism or people who are excessively obese because it boosts the metabolism.
The dose of COCO-10 PLUS™ should be increased gradually.  So the dosages would look something like this:

                        First week:
                        MONDAY – ½ tablespoonful
                        TUESDAY - ½ tablespoonful
                        WEDNESDAY - ½ tablespoonful
                        THURSDAY - ½ tablespoonful
                        FRIDAY - ½ tablespoonful
                        SATURDAY - ½ tablespoonful
                        SUNDAY - ½ tablespoonful

                        Second week:
                        MONDAY - 1 tablespoonful
                        TUESDAY - 1 tablespoonful
                        WEDNESDAY - 1 tablespoonful
                        THURSDAY - 1 tablespoonful
                        FRIDAY - 1 tablespoonful
                        SATURDAY - 1 tablespoonful                                              SUNDAY - 1 tablespoonful




                        Third week:
                        MONDAY – 1½ tablespoonful
                        TUESDAY - 1½ tablespoonful
                        WEDNESDAY - 1½ tablespoonful
                        THURSDAY - 1½ tablespoonful
                        FRIDAY - 1½ tablespoonful
                        SATURDAY - 1½ tablespoonful                                           SUNDAY - 1½ tablespoonful

From 1 ½ tablespoon a day you would increase the dose to 2 tablespoons a day and so on, increasing by ½ tablespoon each week. You can keep on increasing the dose up to 4 tablespoons a day, when your body allows it.  If you start having constant diarrhea, then you have gone over the appropriate dosage for your body and you should reduce your intake of it.

The majority of people do well with 2 tablespoons a day.  Remember that we are talking about tablespoonfuls, not teaspoonfuls.

COCO-10 PLUS™ also helps reduce the candida albicansyeasts in your body and this boosts your metabolism, which helps you slim down. However, it’s very important that you increase your dose of COCO-10 PLUS™ gradually to give your body the opportunity to eliminate the toxins that are produced as a result of killing the yeasts in your body.




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